Wake to an la carte breakfast of fresh fruit, juice, and a variety of delightful food options. A morning breakfast and conversation among the group to get the day started. We then make our way to the beach nearby. When we arrive, our lead coach gives a brief rundown of the current conditions along with recommended surfing approaches for the day. Groups will be split up based on skill level and paired with the appropriate coach. Then it’s hands on coaching in the water to help execute the recommended surfing approach. This morning session lasts 2-3 hours.

After the morning session, there will be a bit of free time to relax and freshen up right before lunch. Rooms, dining areas and beach access are a short walk from each other. After a refreshing lunch, we go straight to video review where we sit together and go over morning session footage of each guest. Coaches break down current technique, what you could do to improve, and what to focus on in the afternoon boat session.

Following video review is the afternoon boat session. These boats or ‘pangas’ are designed to help us find the best breaks in the wave-rich coastline. We’ll find the best waves and surf for 2-3 hours. Coolers of snacks and drinks (including local beer) are on the boat as refreshments.

After surf, we head back to the resort for a bit of decompression time before dinner. We then eat a healthy meal while discussing how our day went. On some nights, dinners are followed with an optional evening function, be it a movie night, talk story or just a lounge hangout with the group.