What does a typical retreat day look like?

Morning Wake to an la carte breakfast of fresh fruit, juice, and a variety of delightful food options. A morning breakfast and conversation among the group to get the day started. We then make our way to the beach nearby. When we arrive, our lead coach gives a brief rundown of the current conditions along [...]

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Can anyone come on the retreat?

Anyone at least 18 years of age who wants to learn how to stand up paddle (SUP) surf or progress their skills can attend our program. We welcome all levels of paddlers from beginner to expert. Regardless of what skill level you are, we will provide you with the necessary training to take you to [...]

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Where do we surf?

There are a couple of breaks directly outside of where we stay and another handful of uncrowded breaks we'll have access to by boat. Surf can range anywhere between 2-8ft, and even bigger! The most consistent size is between 2-5ft and there are smaller wave options for beginner SUP surfers. Swells are not always predictable [...]

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